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Cuxtal Ecological Reserve

cuxtal1k.jpg (25417 bytes)Duration of trip: 3 hours minimum, 5 hours maximum.
Transportation: Rented car, bus transportation does not go to all the sities.
What we'll see: Old hacienda homes, chapels, mayan villages, the countryside, an underground cenote, the local flora and fauna, ride in a horse-draw hacienda truck.
When to go: Sunday, if you want to be there with some others people, or during the week for a more quiet time.
What you can do: Take a picnic, camp out, visit the area and see lots of interesting things.
How to get there: Go to the periferico (from downtown Merida either by c.50, c.42 or go by the highway to Progreso and turn off at c.50 or 42).

The Ecological Reserve Cuxtal (Cosh-Tal) is an area south of Merida made up of 21,514 acres (10,757 hectares) that has been decreed an ecological area since june 28, 1993, making it one of merida´s "green area" lungs. This is a very interesting zone in that it houses 2 commissaries, 7 towns or villages, 7 haciendas and most importantly, one of merida´s most important water supply stations.cuxtalk.jpg (25146 bytes)

To do the 3 hour tour, we suggest you head to the hacienda that has been "worked" on the most -Dzoyaxche- 32 interesting kilometers (20 miles) from Merida. On the trip to this hacienda you will pass though Mayan towns that show todays way of live in a village. Once there you will see hacienda house, the chapel that dates to 1926, the rustic swings and games area and the henequen fiber processing machine house. There is also an area for camping.

The locals that work at the hacienda offer the following options: a tour around the hacienda in a horse drwn "truck" (a must) or horseback riding.

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